Counseling services

Develop practical skills to put on your resume by working for the Counseling Center.

Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS)

Friends and professors may be the first ones to notice signs that a student is struggling, such as: Group trust is enhanced when all members make a commitment to the group. Crisis Services In case of an emergency, call or visit the Counseling Center and request a same-day appointment.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) | Student Health Services | SIU

Programming focused on the developmental needs of students to maximize their potential to benefit from the academic environment and experience. Fostering connections with and among members of the university community. Full group counseling information can be viewed on the Group Sessions link.

Welcome to Counseling Services The primary mission of Counseling Services is to assist Fairmont State students in defining and accomplishing personal, academic, and career goals. Diversity and Accommodations Counseling Services affirms the unique identities of our students, including gender, age, race, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, romantic orientation, religion, gender identity, or different physical or mental ability.

See Crisis Sessions for more information. Spend a few minutes in our massage chair, put up your feet or browse through our library. To learn more about this, please go here. Professional services are offered that can help you deal with the real pressures of college life and the personal transitions you may be experiencing.

If at least one of you is currently an SIU student, you are eligible for this service. Developing the ability to address emotional and psychological challenges. Our staff is available to provide outreach programs on a wide variety of topics to the Knox community.

Individual counseling provides an opportunity for students to discuss personal and relationship concerns with a caring professional who can help them resolve issues and identify constructive ways to cope.

The process of sharing with each other, listening to each other, giving and receiving feedback, offering support and expressing their feelings about what someone else says or does can be extremely helpful.

Our staff works to help students resolve problems that interfere with personal, social, and academic functioning while also emphasizing prevention, development, adjustment, and wellness.

In addition, Counseling Services offers mental health consultation and education for students, faculty, and staff throughout the academic year. During this time, members usually work to establish a level of trust that allows them to talk personally and honestly. You'll find a wide variety of helpful resources and tools that you can use on your own, as well as valuable online resources, available through mySU.

Please see our Self-Guided Therapy page for more information.

Counseling Services

For other emergencies, please call Counselors can be reached at How To Join a Group If you are interested in joining a group and want to get more information please contact us by phone at or stop by Counseling and Psychological Services in the Student Health Center, Room Free, Caring and Confidential Counseling Feelings such as anxiety, anger, depression, low self-esteem, or tension are a normal part of being human and can affect anyone.

Students who participate in the DBT Program receive both individual counseling and attend a weekly skills group that teaches members alternative coping skills so they can learn to effectively manage their lives and be more satisfied with life. Group members begin to see that they are not alone.

Students are encouraged to come to Counseling Services in these times. Counseling Services is staffed by full-time, doctoral-level licensed psychologists, a post-doctoral fellow in psychology, and part-time psychotherapists from local doctoral psychology programs working under supervision.

Health and Counseling Services

In addition, Counseling Services works with staff and faculty to improve the quality of the living and learning environment of their students.

Counseling Services are available to students only — employees, please contact our Employee Assistance Program for free and confidential counseling. In order to make group most effective, the first few sessions are geared towards establishing trust and safety.

This is a way for students to grow with fellow students who have similar experiences. Eligibility Any currently enrolled student is eligible to receive counseling services, and most services are free of charge. During evenings and weekends, an on-call counselor can be reached by calling As a result, the original difficulties people brought to group become resolved.

The Counseling Services Center provides free and confidential mental health assistance for all enrolled students to encourage a healthy mind and body at the Mary Walker Health Center. We offer a variety of services, including individual, group and couples counseling, as well as fun outreach and educational activities designed to support.

Counseling services are free of charge to BridgeValley students. Counseling sessions consist of a short-term basis (9 sessions per semester).

If it is determined that long-term mental health counseling services are more appropriate to address your need(s), the BridgeValley counselor will provide a list of community resources. Counseling services are offered to Coastal Carolina University students to assist students in defining and accomplishing their personal and academic goals.

Welcome. Just the Facts. Crisis. Clinical Services. Outreach Services. Self-Help. Helpful Information. Meet the Staff. For Faculty and Parents. Welcome to the Counseling Services home page. Counseling Services at Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University) is available to provide counseling and other programming designed to assist students in.

To that end, Counseling Services offers problem assessment, short-term personal counseling and career testing and counseling and, when warranted and/or desired by the student, referrals for ongoing, longer-term or specialized treatment for currently-enrolled UNO students.

Counseling services at UW-Eau Claire provides help with eating disorders, depression, anxiety and more. You can refer a student of concern to us as well.

Counseling services
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