14th century

He was an aggressive and scientific philologist, instrumental in establishing principles of textual criticism that would become key elements of the humanistic method.

But soon they are to be driven out again by a local uprising consisting largely of armed Muslims. By making Greek texts and commentaries available to Western students, and by acquainting them with Byzantine methods of criticism and interpretation, the teachers from Constantinople enabled Italian humanists to explore the bases of Classical thought and to appreciate its greatest monuments, either in the original language or in accurate new Latin translations.

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As a poet, he was the first Renaissance writer to produce a Latin epic Africa, published posthumously inbut he was even more important for his compositions in the vernacular.

His most memorable contribution to humanism, however, is probably the famous Decameron. In he accepted the invitation of Gianfrancesco Gonzagamarquis of Mantuato become tutor to the ruling family.

14th Century

Late 14th century the year, Timur's army is heavily laden with goods and in need of rest and reinforcements, and Timur and his army return to Samarkand. King Edward retaliated by declaring himself King of France. In he became secretary to Cardinal Albergati, bishop of Bologna, and in he accepted a similar position in the papal chancery at Rome.

The plague reaches Russia. Through moral fable and direct address to the reader, he undertakes a reinterpretation of human experience based not on received doctrine but rather on perceived reality.

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Poggiothe foremost recoverer of Classical texts, was also a moralist, a historian, a brilliant correspondent, and an early scholar of architectural antiquities.

His work established secular poetry as a serious and noble pursuit. He has the market place improved, and it will be said that he has great gardens created and palaces built.

But soon they are to be driven out again by a local uprising consisting largely of armed Muslims. They are wealthy, and King Philip accuses them of magic and heresy — the only way he can lawfully seize Templar assets.

King Philip IV of France r. Philip had the Knights Templars arrested on Friday the 13th and up to 60 are tortured and executed, a possible origin of the superstition of Friday the 13th being an unlucky day. His idea of the poet as a philosophical teacher and thus as a champion of culture would inspire humanists from Boccaccio to Sir Philip Sidney.

People in Rome, opposed to a Frenchman as pope, riot. Lorenzo Valla studied there, as did Federico da Montefeltrowho later promoted humanistic institutions as duke of Urbino.

He seizes the belongings of some Jews and expels them from his realm. They were fellow students at the University of Padua at the turn of the century and are said to have later tutored each other Guarino as an expert in Greek, Vittorino in Latin after Guarino opened the first humanistic school Venice, c.

Rightly considered to be the wellspring of Western realismthe Decameron is also a monument to Ciceronian humanism.

14th century BC

An advocate of Classical erudition in art and architecture as well as in literary activity, he extended into his artistic studies the same sense of precision and specificity that earlier humanists had applied to philology.

He owed his boyhood education to Gasparino da Barzizzathe noted teacher who, with Vergerio, was influential in the development of humanism at Padua.

Vittorino taught in both Padua where he was briefly a professor of rhetoric and Venice during the early s. Salutati was succeeded in the Florentine chancellorship by two scholar-statesmen who reflected his influence: He amassed a great collection of books, which would form the nucleus of the Laurentian Library.

Its crew members are dead or dying from bubonic plague. The 14th century is the century from to Decades and years.

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Shop with lanos-clan.com: $ Aug 21,  · Watch video · Beginning in the 15th century and perhaps even earlier, Christian revelers in certain parts of England celebrated May Day with plays and games involving a Robin Hood figure with near-religious. Humanism - The 14th century: During the 14th century, humanism strengthened, diversified, and spread, with Florence remaining at its epicentre.

The three figures who were most critical to the rise of the humanist movement during this period were Petrarch, Boccaccio, and Salutati.

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Let’s get started! From decline in power of the Roman church in to Timur (Tamerlane) inplus the Medici bank is founded. One paragraph for each of 66 items.

14th century
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